We deliver to you wherever you are, at every stage of your technology journey.

NBConsult is a specialised group of companies. We focus on Architecture, Innovation and implementation of on-premises and cloud based infrastructure in our consultancy practice. We deliver the “new-thing” irrespective of what that is in the Microsoft infrastructure world. We take customers to the cloud or we build customers their own clouds or we help you manage and migrate your services on-premises. Cloud is a methodology – not a destination, which reflects in the way we think about and do technology.

Architecture is an art and a discipline which we deliver on behalf of our customers in many forms, not only at executive board level, but also operationally, helping customers make decisions and then helping to implement them if required.

We also help customers evaluate and deploy on-premises, as well as cloud based technologies with specific context to what works within the limits imposed on us.

Because of our specialisations, we spend considerable time and money on not only being current with technology, but being ahead of the curve. We tend to know where our products are going, often years before our competitors do. Sometimes we may not speak about our knowledge until product release, however it does mean that when the Next Version launches, we hit the ground running and we have built that flexibility into our designs for you, our customer.

We believe in our products and the services we deliver based on our products. We honestly believe that Exchange is the best messaging platform of its kind, along with other product choices we’ve made, either from the Microsoft stable of products or others. We look for products which deliver consistently and predictably.

Our customers benefit from the highest levels of certification and recognition, including two Microsoft Certified Master’s in Exchange, Two Microsoft Certified Solutions Masters as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP) in the company.