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  • Migrating your Datacenter to Azure April 20, 2017
    Warren du Toit and I will be presenting a free Webinar hosted by Kemp Technologies on the 20’th of April 2017. We will be discussing the disciplines relating to doing a datacenter move for the very first time, including Elasticity and SLAs, the promise of cloud Basic cloud-based data center design from the ground up […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Cross Platform Azure Command Line Interface March 16, 2017
    One of the many appeals of administering Azure outside of a Portal that may change more often and more radically than what the average IT Pro may like is the option to leave the browser behind altogether and move to a more stable – albeit less visually appealing interface. The command line. The command line is how […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Asure Site Recovery Limitations – VHD Sizing February 8, 2017
    After speaking at yesterday’s event (Microsoft Tech Summit Johannesburg|Protect your data with a modern backup, archive, and disaster recovery solution) on Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery (ASR), I thought it would be good to follow up with a post that explains some of the limitations around ASR. If you were there you would have seen […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • New IT Podcast: Azure Site Recovery with Nicolas Blank: What can Azure Site Recovery do for you? September 21, 2016
    I had the pleasure of an interview with Richard Cambell of RunAsRadio, werein we spoke about Azure ASR, backup, Exchange and how the world works according to my brain.I had an incredible time with Richard and was privilidged to feature in one of my favourite podcasts. The show can be found here, hope you enjoy […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Azure Site Recovery: IaaS Migration and Disaster Recovery | Pluralsight September 21, 2016
    I’ve had the privilege of publishing a course thats very close to my heart on all things DR, using the current slew of Azure ARM based features on Pluralsight.The course is titled “Azure Site Recovery: IaaS Migration and Disaster Recovery” The course covers the basics of requirement gathering – as a consultant thats essential viewing, […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • HostedMigration 510 error : the user could not be moved because the tenant has not been enabled for shared SIP address spaces April 15, 2016
    Scenario: When trying to migrate a user from Lync or Skype for Business on premises to Skype for Business online, you may experience the following error HostedMigration 510 error : the user could not be moved because the tenant has not been enabled for shared SIP address spaces AS a pre-requisite, you would have configured […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Find all receive connectors with Anonymous Relay enabled November 5, 2015
    When Migrating Receive connectors from an earlier version of Exchange (2007 upwards), it can be useful to find the application Receive Connectors, that are used by applications, multifunction devices, printers, etc. Relay permissions are an Active Directory permission and not an Exchange permission, with that in mind the line of PowerShell below looks for all […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Office 365 Migration error: The Subscription for the migration user couldn’t be loaded August 18, 2015
    If you’re migrating to Office 365, you may notice this error message, irrespective of your modality of migration, i.e.e cutover, IMAP or Hybrid mode migrations. The exact error message read: The Subscription for the migration user USER@DOMAIN.COM couldn’t be loaded. The following error was encountered: A subscription wasn’t found for this user.   There are […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Office 365 users cannot see on-premises free/busy August 12, 2015
    Issue My Customer introduced an Exchange 2013 server into the Exchange 2010 based organisation, however found that Inbound Free/Busy tests failed using Office 365 based OWA. The W3SVC IIS logs revealed the following error – the line has been shortened for clarity POST /autodiscover/autodiscover.svc/WSSecurity & ASAutoDiscover/CrossForest/EmailDomain//15.01.0225.018 – 500 0 0 124 Cause The Exchange 2013 […]
    Nicolas Blank
  • Exchange 2013 Hybrid Wizard–Empty Certificate Dropdown August 12, 2015
    When Running the Hybrid mode wizard in Exchange 2013, occasionally you’ll find that the certificate dropdown selector within the wizard is empty, even though you’ve confirmed that the certificate is a valid third party certificate services have been assigned to the same certificate in Exchange with a screen which looks as follows:   We can […]
    Nicolas Blank