Designing within a requirement set is a unique experience for each customer.

We follow a customer centric approach, believing that very few customers are alike, creating designs that reflect our customers needs.

Our designs are not feature led. Our design workshops explore business, technical and functional requirements and craft designs the reflect the extracted needs.

Understanding these, allows us to align our customers particular requirements with the vat feature set on offer within Exchange.

We understand that due to the fluid nature a modern platform, that designing  is a moving target.

You may need:

  • a 100% virtual deployment
  • to integrate with existing on-premise or cloud based services
  • to facilitate particular security or compliance requirements
  • to be HA and DR compliant with your current business continuity planning
  • and more

Due to our understanding of technology and our adherence to best practices and real world experience, we are confident that we are able to capture and design towards your particular requirement.