Internet Traffic Control with NBConnect

Internet Traffic Control with NBConnect

Posted Sep 19, 2018 by Pierre Devereux

Last week we mentioned how you can configure your systems to reduce bandwidth usage. Today, we’ll discuss how you can implement Internet traffic control with the assistance of the NBConnect team.

Content Control

The NBConnect management system offers an enterprise level Anti-Virus. Along with this protection, several content control options are available. Using a centralised portal, access to certain websites can be restricted or blocked. These websites are generally based on the content they contain – hence the name ‘Content Control’. Things like gaming websites, video streaming sites or sites that contain adult material can be blocked across your network with ease.

Should certain end-users require access to these sites – perhaps the marketing department needs to view video clips hosted on YouTube – they can easily be excluded from these rules. The power of centralised management is realised when settings for your entire network can be configured, managed and monitored from one single interface.

Once the Content Control has been configured and activated across the network, drastic bandwidth savings can be achieved.

Access Control

Working alongside “Content Control”, is the idea of “Access Control”. Making use of Access Control allows you to set specific times when certain websites can be accessed. During lunch time, you may allow your staff access to a video streaming site so that they can relax and unwind. You may also allow your after-hours staff less restrictive internet access rules. Once again, these rules and configurations can be set up and deployed using NBConnect without any hassle.

Finally, should there be any exceptions to the high-level content and access control required, NBConnect can set up a whitelist/blacklist as required. These settings will override the configurations set for the company in either of the above sections.

Making use of the NBConnect system allows a truly customizable, easily managed and fully reported system for your company and all levels of staff within it.

For more information on how to make use of the NBConnect offering, please contact us via our webpage, Facebook page or call us directly at the office on +27(0) 21 914 2348. And don’t forget to visit the blog again next week when we’ll be looking specifically at how we can help you with mobile device management.