Windows 7 - End of Support

Windows 7 – End of Support

Posted Sep 26, 2019 by Pierre Devereux

From the research that we have done, it is clear the ± 70% of companies are not aware of the end of support dates. This can result in huge security risks.

As January 2020 gets closer Microsoft’s Windows 7 gets closer to its 2020 end of life date. This means there will be no support or updates for the Windows 7 operating system.

Companies that are cost conscious upgrade technology once they realize productivity is being dampened. For some, that will be all those PCs on life support and disconnected solutions for file sharing, chat, and online calls, and meetings.

But do you know what that really cost you?

Old PCs waste your time. And free cloud tools with limited features sounds great, until the first time someone shares an unprotected link with your customer list. That is an experience you wouldn’t wish on your worst opponent.

Work smarter using Office 365 best-in-class productivity tools on a new Windows 10 Pro device. Simplify security with one solution that is continuously up to date and enabled with multi-factor authentication.

Let’s have a look at the benefits you can expect from a Windows 10 powered device.



Performance test have shown that windows 10 is faster than windows 7 and 8.1.

Windows 10 sleek overall start up experience was created by cutting down on bloatware and unnecessary start up processes. The result is a pleasantly fast overall user experience.



Windows 10 opens with a start button that expands to a larger tile portal. This gives users the control and simplicity of a start button along with the live updates and graphic displays of Windows 8’s start tile.

The new windows 10 is easy to use as it is easier to get to grips with than windows 8 was. It’s based on the familiar desktop interface, complete with a start menu and desktop windows.

Another significant improvement is touch screen functionality. Even though most users will not use touch as their main mode of usage, touch screen capabilities are still useful in certain situations. In smartphone and tablet driven society, much of our communication with screens comes through touch.



It has been said to be the most secure windows ever. Windows 10 comes complete with a built-in and on-going security protections you can trust, keeping your data protected. Windows 10 automatically checks for updates, so you can keep your PC up-date. The latest security improvements will make sure you are always protected.


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