learning powered by microsoft

NBConsult is delighted to present
three focus areas for educators:

  • Collaboration using Microsoft Teams
  • Cloud Adoption using proven frameworks
  • Cloud security

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Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams
  • Dramatically lower social friction
  • Increase collaboration while increasing productivity using familiar and modern social means
  • Teams Direct Routing – integrate VOIP into Microsoft Teams transparently
  • Student information System and learning tools integration into Microsoft Teams

Azure Adoption

azure adoption
  • Cloud Adoption Framework to create and maintain cloud that fits and works in your context
  • ExpressRoute Networking to overcome the limitations of internet connections
  • Application Modernization – data and applications should have more value in the cloud than in your own datacenter – or else don’t move
  • Multi-Cloud management using Microsoft Azure as the governance and management framework

Office 365 and Azure

office 365 and azure
  • Security – how do you become secure and then stay secure in the cloud as a students or an educators
  • Single Sign On – into any system or service – using a single identity with provable security

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