Microsoft Express Route

Network performance is a key factor to your experience of cloud services. Adopting cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure requires an examination of your current network and potential adjustments needed to gain the maximum benefit from your cloud spend.

Microsoft Express Route offers:

  • A private connection to Microsoft Azure with lower latency

  • Direct Connection to your network

  • Event correlation and incident investigation

  • Bandwidth up to 100 GB

  • Microsoft global network to carry your network traffic

The Network that is built to browse Web Traffic is not the same network that can consume cloud services. The power of your network will impact your ability to harness the fullness of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Express Route

Microsoft Express Route Managed Wireless Lastmile

We offer a managed wireless connection using ICASA licensed spectrum to your head office, or branch offices, with speeds of up to 1.4 Gbs, conditions dependent.

Bond multiple links together to achieve multiples of these speeds.

Microsoft Express Route

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