What is NetFoundry?

Over the last few years people have been increasingly working from home. Due to Coronavirus, businesses are in the uncomfortable position of needing to rapidly support remote workers (work from home), while needing to maintain security and performance. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have long been the de facto solution for secure access to enterprise applications, but they have serious security limitations:

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VPNs give devices and users full network access privileges, whether needed or not, while over 60% of all network breaches can be traced to third-party access.

Users are at risk from malware-infested devices. Once those devices gain full network access over the VPN, their malware can search for vulnerabilities.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has already warned businesses about security vulnerabilities via remote worker VPNs.

Added to this, IPSec VPNs intercept all internet traffic, so that if the person is working from home and is streaming music via YouTube or any other platform, all that traffic slows down your VPN connection.

What if you could give specific apps dedicated private networks which were invisible to the public internet and have higher performance and reliability?

Well that is exactly what NetFoundry does. The best part is, you are in control and your VPN just became a dedicated tool while accelerating productivity.

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NBConsult, a Microsoft Gold partner since 2013, was recognised as a global finalist at the 2019 'Microsoft Partner of the Year' Awards in the 'Intelligent Communications' category. NBConsult has offices in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. NBConsult holds Gold Partner competencies in Cloud Productivity, Messaging, Cloud Platform, and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

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    Who needs it?

    scaling infrastructure icon

    Do you have an issue with scaling infrastructure (concentrators) and bandwidth?

    Waiting weeks and months icon

    Are you waiting weeks and months to setup VPN solutions which means staff are not able to do their job?

    Impaired performance and productivity icon

    Are you complaining of impaired performance and productivity through VPN?

    Increased security risk icon

    Are you concerned about increased security risk from VPNs?

    Attack on VPN infrastructure icon

    Do you worry that an attack on their VPN infrastructure would make remote access impossible?

    any size business icon

    This solution is suitable for any size business looking for a secure and managed connection to their corporate network.

    What value does it add?

    Individual and instant application icon

    Individual and instant application-specific connectivity from any devices to any mixture of public and private cloud.

    Cloud-orchestrated, software-only NaaS icon

    Cloud-orchestrated, software-only Network-as-a-Service - you become an air traffic controller rather than a VPN tunnel digger.

    Implementation of Zero-Trust security icon

    Implementation of Zero-Trust security, ensuring that only trusted people have visibility and access to apps.

    Improved remote worker productivity icon

    Improved remote worker productivity and app performance by NetFoundry NaaS so you control the network without deploying or managing it.