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Azure networking:

NBConsult is a Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services partner (MSP), trusted by Microsoft to provide cloud and hybrid networking services built around Azure. We can help your purchase and configure Azure Virtual Wan, Microsoft ExpressRoute, NBConsult SD-WAN Powered by Nokia Nuage and other services.

Microsoft ExpressRoute

A private connection to Microsoft Azure with lower latency

Direct Connection to your network

Bandwidth up to 100 GB

Use Microsoft global network to carry your network traffic

The Network that is built to browse Web Traffic is not the same network that can consume cloud services. Network performance is a key determining factor to your users experience of cloud services.

Adopting cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure requires an examination of your current network and potentially adjustments to be made in order to gain the maximum benefit from your cloud spend.

Microsoft ExpressRoute over a managed wireless link.

We offer a managed wireless connection using ICASA licensed spectrum to your head office or branch offices with speeds of up to 1.4 Gbs, conditions dependent. Bond multiple links together to achieve multiples of these speeds.

Azure Network Performance Monitor

Show utilization over your wireless link, ExpressRoute link, site to site VPN to Azure, etc as a managed service or a consultative engagement. Detect network issues like traffic blackholing, routing errors, and issues that traditional network monitoring tools are not able to detect.

Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Virtual WAN is an SD-WAN solution from Microsoft which allows us to combine many networking technologies to create a single countrywide or global network. Combined with NBConsult SD-WAN powered by Nokia Nuage Networks, we are able to combine virtually any physical or logical network.

NBConsult SD-WAN powered by Nokia Nuage

Our own SD-WAN solution which allows you to integrate your existing network with Microsoft based services or re-define your current network, while lowering costs, increasing security, improve network flexibility and provide reporting on what is really happening on your networking investment.