jounrey to the cloud

Journey to the cloud:

Cloud computing is a methodology, not a destination. At NBConsult, we believe that your decision to move to the cloud should be about driving real value for your business. We’re keen to have a conversation with you about your needs and want to help you build a cloud strategy that suits your unique business requirements.

Cloud Consulting

If you’re moving to the cloud for the sake of being in the cloud, you’re missing the point. We understand that every customer has different requirements. Whether we’re taking customers to the cloud or building customers their own clouds or helping them manage and migrate their services on-premises – we tailor our services to each client’s unique requirements. At NBConsult, we always like to stay ahead of the curve, acquiring knowledge about new innovations and market trends. Our cloud consulting offerings aim to help you solve cloud challenges and up business growth and efficiency in the process.

Cloud Adoption Program

Why do you want to move to the cloud?

If you don’t have a proper answer to this question, it may be time to do some research. Our cloud adoption program offers three simple steps to help customers make the most of cloud and develop their future cloud strategies.

The three steps in our program:

Journey To The Cloud

We start out by getting you to answer a few important questions. Part of this process entails completing our Cloud Ready Assessment.

Journey To The Cloud

Once you’ve established your strategy, we’ll help you through our Cloud Adoption process and migrate relevant workloads to the cloud.

Journey To The Cloud

Finally, we’ll help you fine tune these workloads via our Cloud Improvement processes.

We’ve moved clients to the cloud both locally and internationally. We have the expertise and experience you need to ensure your cloud journey is fuss free.