Managed Support Services

At NBConsult, we understand that downtime directly translates into lost revenue for your company. Making use of our MSP offering and toolkit, we offer a wide variety of service targeted specifically to meet your business needs. Our backups, anti-virus, Office365 administration and patching offerings make it possible to secure your business and keep all devices up to date, without having to invest in any extra expensive hardware or software.

Our Windows 365 and Office365 licensing structure allows a flexible and easy to manage tenant for your end users. NBConsult uses the Solarwinds MSP tool to provide proactive monitoring of business-critical devices, which allows for automated actions to be triggered. This enables us to resolve issues before they have an impact on our client. NBConsult is a complete all-in-one Managed Services Provider catering to the unique needs of our broad range of clients

Everything IT As A Service (ITaaS)

For years, we’ve worked in the enterprise space and with smaller businesses to offer them great services at an affordable price.

Why not focus on what you do best and let us worry about your IT? We’ll help you let go of all those fussy and time-consuming IT issues that prevent you from being more effective and running your business the way you want to.

We love IT, so let us manage it for you.

As part of our IT As A Services, we will: